Terms and Conditions

These are Terms of Business and the conditions of carrying out work at your premises.

We are outlining responsibilities and terms for the service that Flatpackhero.co.uk (herby known as The Contractor) provides to you as the customer (hereby known as The Client) and the responsibilities that are expected of you.

The Contractors contact details and trading name, insurance and other important information.

  • Trading name: Flatpack Hero
  • Owner: Ian Lydon-James
  • Business Type: Sole Trader
  • Address: Creative Media Centre, 45 Robertson Street, Hastings, East Sussex, TN34 1HL
  • Tel no: 07942 065286
  • Email Address: info@flatpackhero.co.uk
  • Insurance Provider: Hiscox (Public Liability)

What are the services the Contractor provides to the Client?

The Contractor provides flatpack furniture assembly at the Client residence (House, Apartment/Flat) or place of business/work (e.g. Offices, Venue, Restaurant, Rental Property, Factory or Facility).

The types of flatpack furniture the contractor can assemble

Chairs, Tables, Beds, Sideboards, Freestanding Shelving and Storage units, Freestanding Wardrobes, Garden and outdoor storage units, Metal Sheds, Garden Furniture, Chest of Drawers and Bedside Cabinets, Desks, TV Units and Gym Equipment.

If anything is outside this scope of product listed above that the contractor can assemble then the client will discuss this before the contractor agrees to carry out the work.

How these services will be carried out/Scope of Work

After consultation via email, telephone or text/WhatsApp, the contractor will agree an approximate time and location with the client to arrive to carry out the work agreed. An email will be sent from the Contractor to the Client confirming this along with the price for carrying out the work.

The Contractor will arrive at your chosen place to construct the flatpack furniture in the room(s) that the flatpack furniture will be in and then assemble the furniture in the Clients chosen final location (where possible)

The Contractor will do their upmost to arrive at the chosen time the Client has specified. If for any reason such as traffic, previous job overruns or matters outside of their control the Contractor will contact the Client via telephone or text/Whatsapp and inform the client at the earliest (and safest if driving) opportunity. The Contractor will not email as the uncertainty of it being checked in time is unknown.

The Client will be in the property so that they can show the Contractor where they will be working and to also check the quality of the work done and sign off upon completion.

The Contractor will also tidy the area where they have worked, polish the furniture upon completion and pack down any rubbish or recyclable materials (i.e. the cardboard that the furniture came in) for the Client and place it in their recycling bins where possible. If this isn’t possible then the Contractor will neatly compact it down and place it where the Client wants it for future disposal.

Health and Safety Obligations

The Client agrees to provide a safe working environment for the Contractor with enough space to carry out their work. The room(s) should be well ventilated, free from Asbestos and be clear of loose items that could be knocked over or damaged and as clear of items that will be in the way as much as possible. If unsure, then you should discuss and show the Contractor upon their arrival.

Adequate lighting should be provided and facilities for drinking water and the use of toilets will be available if required.

The Client agrees to keep pets or Children away from the room that is being worked in due to the loose items that can a choking hazard (screws, dowels etc) and sharp items that can cause unnecessary injury.

The Contractor will also be tidy and respectful of the Clients property. The Contractor is required to always wear safety shoes so will wear shoe protectors if required by the Client.

The work area will be free of Vermin, Chemicals, Paint, Biologicals and other liquids that are insecurely stored and sharp or dangerous objects such as exposed electrical wiring.

Tidying Up

The Contractor will tidy the work area of any cardboard, tape, plastic that arises from their work and clean and polish the furniture upon completion of the contracted work.

The Contractor will sweep and use a dustpan and brush. They can also vacuum the area if a vacuum cleaner is provided by the Client.

Please inform us if you do not want the furniture polished due to things like breathing difficulties such as Asthma or allergies.

Additional Costs

The Contractor will charge a fixed rate per item to be assembled however if additional costs are incurred such as having to pay for parking so that the Contractor can do their work at your premises, this will be added on to the final bill, this will be at the cost price only.

The Flatpack Furniture should be placed in the location where it is to be build and placed. If the Contractor must carry these items up to the room, then an additional charge of £10 for small items will be charged, for large and heavy items such as wardrobe systems it will cost £15.

The Contractor will carry some spare parts with them in the rare event that parts are missing such as Cam Screw or Wooden Dowels, these will be charged at £1(one pound) per item.

If the location is outside the generous radius of the Contractors area of work then an additional mileage fee will be charged, this will be agreed upon in advance.

Any additional costs will be added as a line item on your final invoice for full transparency.

Payments and Acceptable Payment Methods

The Contractor has a minimum charge of £40 for small works such as Bedside Cabinets.

Once the work has been completed and signed off/checked to the satisfaction of the Client payment will be required from the Client immediately.

The Contractor will have a credit/debit card payment machine with them for this purpose. This is the preferred method of payment as it is generally the easiest payment method for both parties.

The Contractor can also accept cash. If the Client is in an area where 4G signal is very low or spotty then please have cash to hand to pay just in case.

The Contractor can also accept bank transfer if that is the clients preferred method of payment. The Contractor will provide these details if required and the Client will enact the transfer immediately.


Once payment is received/confirmed the Contractor will provide a fully itemised paid in full digital receipt/invoice for both party’s records.

The Contractor will typically do this once payment has been received, however the Contractor has a maximum timeframe of 24 hours from job completion to do this administrative task which the Client accepts.

A Photo of the completed work will also be provided/attached with the digital receipt.


The Client has the right to cancel or rearrange the time as long as 24 hours’ notice is given.

The Contractor has the right to charge the minimum fee of £40 if minimal notice is given. Flexibility on this is at the Contractors discretion.


The Contractor guarantees that the furniture will be assembled to the specifications and tolerances (where specified in the instructions) of the manufacture.


In the unlikely event that the Client is not satisfied with the work carried out by the Contractor please discuss this with us by calling or preferably emailing info@flatpackhero.co.uk.

If the Contractor is on site then please discuss this with them directly so that any concerns or complaints can be rectified or investigated immediately. Please do so in a manner that is respectful.

Disclaimers & Liabilities

The Contractor will inform the client immediately if any of the flatpack furniture is damaged from the factory or transit upon opening. The Contractor takes no responsibility for this.

Any damage to furniture caused by the Contractor will be either:

  • Repaired on site if minor
  • A replacement for the damaged part will be ordered and repaired/replaced at the Contractors own time and cost.

Any injury caused to the Contractor due to an unsafe working environment is the sole responsibility of the Client. Please make sure that the environment is safe to work in to avoid any issues.

Any animals/Pets or children that enter the worksite will require the Contractor to cease working until they are removed. Any injury that is caused to pets, animals, children and the Contractor by the Client not adhering to this is their sole responsibility.

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